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Building Maintenance Request

Thank you for helping us test the Waccamaw work order system.

Tomorrow (May 9th 2018) the Building Maintenance request will be switched back to the previous Work Order system. It will be the same system we were using prior to the March meeting and still contains all the history since this web site was incorporated in January 2009.



In an effort to better assist all homeowners and be able to track productivity, we ask that you contact Waccamaw Management in regards to any maintenance needs that arise.

Your Management Team is ready to assist you in the following ways:

First: Please contact a Team Member via email if your request is not an emergency. We ask that any requests are forwarded via email to for accurate record keeping.

Second: If you encounter an emergency during regular business hours, you are welcome to call the office to speak with a Team Member at 843- 272-8705. Please keep in mind that if the request is not an emergency, we ask that you first send an email to the Team.

After Hours Calls: Any emergency calls received after hours will be addressed by calling 843-272-8705, which is available 24 hours a day. Please keep in mind that if the request is not an emergency, you will be asked to contact a Team Member during business hours.

Homeowners may continue to report parking concerns/violations to the on- site Maintenance staff.

Management and your Board request that all maintenance items be handled as per above.

Contact Info: Melanie Elsea